First Aid and Home Nursing

St. John Ambulance of Malaysia (SJAM) members are trained in First Aid and nursing members (female) learn Home Nursing. All uniformed cadets and adult members need to pass Basic First Aid and be re-certified annually. Members can progress to Advanced First Aid course and eventually pass the Training the Trainer course to qualify as Trainers.

Our pool of trainers are re-certified every three years to keep abreast with latest knowledge and syllabus of First Aid. In Perak, we pride ourselves as First in First Aid Training, where our pool of trainers frequently discuss and update each other on latest development of First Aid training.

Youth Development

As the majority of St. John Ambulance divisions are in schools, youth development is our primary concern. Students in primary schools can join St. John Ambulance as Juniors, if such a division exists in the school. Upon reaching the age of 12, Juniors will be part of Cadets in the movement. On reaching their 16th birthday, Cadets who have completed all the qualifications for Adult membership may transfer to an Adult Division. Cadets must be transferred to Adult membership on reaching their 18th birthday.

Cadet Proficiency Badges Scheme

Annually, Cadets also participate in the Proficiency Badges scheme to win the Grand Prior’s Award Badge upon passing 12 subjects.

Compulsory Subject – Knowledge of the Order
The Grand Prior’s Award Badge

First Aid and Home Nursing Competition

Perak was the first state in Malaya to organize the First Aid competition in July 1956, a year before the inaugural Federal Competition. The competition was held annually, save for 1969 during emergency period in Malaysia. Cadets and Adult members competed in Uniform and Foot Drill, First Aid cases and stretcher drills.

Cooking and Flag Signaling Competition

By far, Perak is the only state in the country organizing an annual cooking and flag signaling competition. Cadets and adult members are tested on their culinary skills and flag signaling abilities.

St. John Juniors

Students in primary schools, from 7 to 12 years old, can join St. John Ambulance if a Junior division exists in the school. Upon reaching the age of 12, Juniors will be part of Cadets in the movement.

Community Service

Community service is very much a part of our movement. As St. John Ambulance of Malaysia derives much of its funds from the public, it is just right that we give back to the public. SJAM Perak organizes visits to old folks homes, orphanages and annual donations to similar organisations.

Our premises or halls are also popular places to hold events and ceremonies, which are given for use at pro bono basis for charity purposes or on partnership basis.

As doctors form part of our community, SJAM Perak also hold regular free medical check up sessions for the public.