Perak: New coat for headquarters

SJAM Perak hall is a pillarless hall measuring 100 feet by 56 feet
Built by contractor Wong Wong, the building cost an arm and a leg. Thanks to the support of generous donors.

The unique A-shaped building architecture was designed by the famous B.M. Iverson

New coat of paint for the hall
New curtains

The SJAM Perak state headquarters was built way back in 1957, the same year when Malaya gained independence. In fact, just a few days after the Merdeka celebration in Kuala Lumpur, Perak HQ received a royal visit. The HRH Duke of Gloucester who witnessed the Merdeka occasion, flew to Ipoh to lay the foundation stone for the $140,000 state headquarters we currently have.

Interestingly, HRH Prince Henry was supposed to arrive on 3rd September 1957 but bad weather prevented the plane from taking off. The Duke then scheduled his visit on the 4th September and news on his ability could only be given over Radio Malaya.

The two plaques on the left and right towards the entrance to the state office recorded the historical occasions of the laying of foundation stone (left plaque) and the opening of the building in 1958 (right plaque). The next time you walk in to your HQ, you will appreciate better the things around you.

Towards the entrance to the office, there are two plaques. This photo captured the plaque on the right which recorded the opening of the hall in 1958

Today, the state headquarters spotted a new coat of paint, new roofs for office and a new set of curtains at the hall. The renovations at OUR HOME were part of maintenance and upkeep of the building.

New water dispenser too as the old one has gone to rest

As the building did not come easy and was built from the hard work of our forefathers, let us all appreciate and take care of it while we still can. Welcome home!

Source: St. John Ambulance Association Perak Special Souvenir Review to commemorate the official opening of the New HQ Building at Anderson Road Ipoh on Saturday 26th July 1958. Print.

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