The objectives of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia are to:

(a) promote, encourage and co-ordinate all works of humanity and charity for the relief of persons in sickness, distress, suffering and danger without any difference of race, class, colour or creed;

(b) render aid to the sick and wounded in war or in peace and to promote such permanent organisations in time of peace so that such aid may immediately be available in time of emergency and such aid shall include the provision of the technical reserves for the medical services of the Government and Armed Forces of Malaysia;

(c) promote, encourage and co-ordinate the work of the SJAM in all aspects in Malaysia; and

(d) promote, encourage and co-ordinate contacts between themselves and similar organisations under the name of St. John Ambulance in other countries, the Red Crescent Society and other similar voluntary or statutory organisations.

“Pro Utilitate Hominum” – for the Service of Mankind